WEEDit is a new spraying technology that actively detects live plant matter on-the-run. It is used to significantly reduce chemical application in broadacre, hort & viticulture and suburban sectors.

Rather than spraying an entire area that can have than 10% weed coverage, WEEDit sensors are mounted to the spraying vehicle and can detect weeds up to 25km/h, only turning chemical on for a short moment when a target plant is detected.

WEEDit is a ‘smart system’ that self-calibrates

This removes operator error associated with troublesome manual calibration.

Continually self-calibrating to maintain optimum activation settings with changes in soil type and sunlight variances during the day.

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Day or night operation

WEEDit sensors have a very bright active red light source to maintain consistent operation during daytime, sunset, night-time and sunrise.

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Easy to use

Simply turn the console on, turn your pump on and drive, WEEDit does the rest!

“With many systems already operating across Australia WEEDit has been used, tested and regarded as “the next generation in spot spray technology.”

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WEEDit sensors are spaced 1 metre apart

1 sensor has 5 split windows independently controlling nozzles spaced at 20cm.

Spray nozzles activate in 1 millisecond – less than 1cm of forward travel before chemical is turned on.

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WEEDit is the next generation in spot spray weed control

Now having established itself in Australia; the higher performance sensors, greater chemical savings

and excellent operator feedback places WEEDit in a commanding position.