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The WEED-IT team at Rometron Australia help bring intelligent agricultural solutions to Australian farmers. We are proud of our trusted relationships both with the team in the Netherlands and closer to home - partnering Australia's best boom sprays and our leading product The Netherlands world class WEED-IT sensor giving farmers plenty to smile about - up to 90 % savings on chemical usage and conquering previously hard to killl weeds! 

We are a passionate flexible team currently expanding our operation with a relocation to Marong in Central Victoria on the drawing board. This Central Victorian location will not only further enhance the logistics of our OEM and dealer relationships of which we are proud , it will see an expansion in the engineering arm of our team with innovation and intelligent agricultural solutions to match.

Our head office is located in Mount Pleasant for the time being with staff gradually getting back to what we knew as the pre COVID normal with  restrictions lifting. In addition to our Mount Pleasant office we have a farm testing site located in Woodvale Central Victoria where our engineers are based. 

Stay tuned during these exciting times as we continue to adapt to the ever changing world we are living in to meet the technology needs of Australia's leading farmers.








The Netherlands are never far away 

At Rometron Australia we greatly value the relationship we have with Roel, Hans, Rene', Albert and the team at Rometron in the Netherlands. The distance between us is no barrier to our great  working relationship with a shared passion for helping farmers win the war on weeds.