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Hardi Saritor 7000 retrofitted with WEED-IT - Lock, South Australia

Posted By Robyn Williams,
Thursday December 14 2023 00:00 AM
Its a happening thing right here on the Eyre Peninsula (E.P.) - the first Hardi Saritor 7000 self propelled sprayer (S.P.S.) retrofitted with WEED-IT by Rometron Australia has landed in Lock and...

WEED-IT Post Emergent Needs

Posted By Hamish McIntosh,
Wednesday September 20 2023 09:21 AM
Your post emergent and in-crop spraying needs are met by WEED-IT in blanket mode. WEED-IT customised and retrofit sprayers have got you covered for all your Spot Spraying and Blanket Spraying...

Introducing Technology to Help Australian Horticulture (Weed Spot Spraying)

Posted By Rometron Australia,
Friday September 01 2023 14:00 PM
The Agricultural industry is no stranger to competing with weeds. When it comes to spraying them, growers are faced with a multitude of other challenges. Whether it be the rising chemical costs,...

Right LEDS WEED-IT Roel de Jonge

Posted By Rometron Australia ,
Friday November 26 2021 15:00 PM
Read more from Roel de Jonge founder of WEED-IT technology as to the importance of car and truck technology in relation to LEDS 

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) - Albert Bosscha

Posted By Rometron Australia ,
Sunday August 29 2021 17:00 PM
Engineer Albert Bosscha explains Pulse Width Modulation, corner compensation and constant rate