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Rometron Australia has recently developed the Optispot 7, an orchard sprayer that brings WEED-IT optical spot spraying technology to nut and fruit growers.

Growers can expect to achieve savings of up to 90% on chemical costs, achieved by the WEED-IT sensors detecting active chlorophyll and spraying only weeds, not dirt. With rising chemical costs, restrictions on available chemicals, chemical resistant weeds, MRL considerations and the environmental benefits of reduced chemical usage, the Optispot 7 provides a solution for meeting these challenges and saving money.

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, WEED-IT technology is well established as the market leader for spot spraying technology with over 15,000 sensors operating in Australia.

The Optispot 7 features  12 WEED-IT sensors that are customised to allow operation at low heights, with a maximum boom height under trees of 600 mm.

Weed detection and spraying spans the whole row at widths up to 7.3 metres and wider to meet grower needs.

The Optispot 7 is also available in a six sensor version for spraying under trees only, to accommodate a mid-row cover crop.

Other key features include adjustment for varying row widths, centre boom height adjustment for varying bed heights, break-away outer booms and spray suppression for reduced drift.

Rometron Australia’s Engineering Manager Hamish McIntosh reports his team are thrilled to be bringing the benefits of WEED-IT technology to Australia’s leading horticulture producers. 

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