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All New Fendt Rogator With WEED-IT 



WEED-IT is now available on your new Fendt Rogator at time of delivery. We are excited to be a part of bringing this cutting edge change to Fendt farmers enabling them to have WEED-IT on their new Rogator from day one. Combining Spot spraying technology boasting the smallest Spot Spray footprint with the class of a Fendt Rogator is a fabulous option for discerning growers.

Put your your feet up and grab a drink when you've got a spare five minutes ( just over to be exact ! ) and check out these four videos below - they'll give you an overview of the Rogator sporting WEED-It in action and then a close up walk through of the PSU installation and the left boom both from the front and the back walking you through the installation.

Fendt Rogator 900 with WEED-IT in action

WEED-IT PSU - ins and outs ..... a close up view

WEED-IT set up left boom - view from the front

WEED-IT set up left boom - view from behind 



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